Building the dream

Following a successful rebrand of the ‘Lords, At Home With Quality’ brand, Worth was appointed to design and build 3 key stores in their portfolio. Given Lords’ commitment to community and excellence, each store was designed to blend seamlessly with its local surroundings and retain any unique characteristics. As a result, we built 3 beautiful stores of all shapes and sizes, including a 750sqft Hampstead Village store, a 1,000sqft St Johns Wood boutique and a 5,500sqft Chorleywood town centre flagship store.


  • Store design and build
  • POS design
  • Store activation
  • Operations
  • Staffing


  • Sales up by 43% year on year
Lords St John's Wood store front
Lords colourful interior


Before we could implement any design strategies, it was vital to truly understand the challenge at hand. We started by thoroughly analysing each store’s commercial feasibility, considering aspects such as potential customer numbers, sales per square foot and overall ROI. Having carried out comprehensive feasibility studies for all the locations, we were confident that the sites were ideal for Lords.

Lords Kitchen accessories setup

The start of the journey

The first stages of any design journey always include a thorough investigation of the space. In the case of the St John’s Wood boutique and the Hampstead Village store, it was vital that we were able to remove some existing features and create an open plan space to allow customers to move freely through the buildings. Having thoroughly examined the plots and considered any potential structural issues, we were able to open-up both spaces.

Lords Store front


Carrying out extensive research on footfall, demographic and the local communities, allowed us to get to the heart of each location. Additionally, having chaired multiple community meetings and focus groups, we were able to gauge opinions from future customers and encouraged them to influence the designs of the new stores. Not only did this provide us with invaluable insight into customer expectations for each locality, it also allowed us to introduce the Lords brand to the people.

Lords interior product display


Producing 2D plans to visualise our ideas, we developed store layouts that considered both product categories and overall customer experience. To further illustrate our visions, we created 3D renderings of the interior and exterior spaces as well as full drawing packs for the tender, construction and post-completion stages. The entire process was managed in-house, allowing us to be cost-effective and highly efficient.

Lords building plan and user journey
Lords store design drawing
Lords interior design with detail


We took the lead on the planning processes for all 3 stores, covering aspects such as adverts consent and acquiring the necessary permissions for changes to the exterior elements of the store. We produced all the required technical drawings and managed the duty planners on a daily basis.

Lords planning management

Build & project management

Working closely and effectively with our approved contractors, we were able to realise the designs and deliver them within a 6 week build programme for each store. We project-managed the build form start to finish, working with the builders and trade staff to make certain that the end product was of the highest standard.

Lords while under construction
Lords finished store