Pet Shop Boys

The super pop-up

Worth Retail launched a 3-day pop-up shop in Boxpark, Shoreditch to celebrate the release of the Pet Shop Boy’s highly anticipated new album, SUPER.

The Pet Shop Boys, enjoying their 3rd decade on the global music scene with 44 UK Top 40 singles, tasked Worth Retail with creating and delivering a unique way of marketing their new album. Our answer was the result of cutting-edge thinking – the SUPER store was the band’s first ever pop-up shop and only the second of its kind in the UK.

Over 3 days thousands of fans got involved, 1,104 pieces of signed and limited edition merchandise were purchased and SUPER blasted straight to No.1 in the Billboard’s Dance Album charts.


  • Brand Experience
  • Pop-up design & build
  • Store activation
  • Staffing


  • 8 sales per minute during peak times
Pet Shop Boys SUPER pop-up store

Location strategy

Deciding on the best location for any retail activity is key to its success. Understanding the unique needs of the project and making certain we reach the desired demographic were the first stages of the journey. Worth carried out detailed research into the best location considering aspects such as demographic, footfall, capacity, infrastructure and accessibility as well as transport links.

Contract negotiation

Given the extent of the Pet Shop Boys’ appeal, we needed to secure an exciting place to host the pop-up. With its footfall capacity and reputation, Boxpark in Shoreditch, London ticked all the boxes. After the location was decided, the next step was securing the desired unit and so extensive negotiations began. Due to Worth’s experience and standing in the market, we were able to acquire the unit well below market rate.

Boxpark pop-ups


Once all this information was in place – our goals, assets, budgets, location and time scales – we were able to build a coordinated brief, specification document and a time plan to deliver the project. Our vision was to create a minimalist, gallery-esque environment to reflect the look and feel of the album. We wanted to encourage fans to immerse into the new music by blasting SUPER in-store and providing individual listening pods.

Pet Shop Boys instore headphones B&O


Using the brief as the reference document, the design journey began. Worth carried out the surveying, modelling and mocking-up of the space and later created a 3D environment of the unit. As part of the design development, we also worked with Farrow, the Pet Shop Boys’ graphic designers, throughout to adjust mock-ups and make certain that the design directly fulfilled the desires of the band.

Pet Shop Boys wall design


Having now fully understood the scale and requirements of the project, Worth were able to source and appoint key staffing members. Given our close working links with leading experiential staffing agencies, this process was carried out in-house, making certain that we secured the best possible staff. We also carried out extensive training sessions to guarantee that all team members were suitably prepared.

Customer paying  for Pet Shop Boys goods

Products and pricing

Carefully inbuilt to the design was the ability to display products, manage stock and prevent loss. The product categories were carefully considered to ensure that they were both in line with the pop duo’s brand and at the same time would actually sell. Worth worked together with the Pet Shop Boys to ensure that the price points rendered the pop-up financially viable and provided enough margin to cover the cost of the build.

Pet Shop Boys t-shirt and album


Having established the infrastructure and received approval for the design, we produced an accurate 3D environment and 2D construction drawings for the builders. Detailed and accurate planning was put in place from the early stages, leading to the build being successfully completed in less than 2 days. We also oversaw the resourcing and management of all trades people, ensuring that we secured the best possible team and delivered results that matched the high expectations of the band.

Launch and social media

The launch night for the band and the press was arranged and coordinated between Kobalt and Worth Retail based on the Pet Shop Boys’ guest list and requirements. With the hashtag #SUPERstore displayed across the front of the store and customers being encouraged to share photos via social media channels, the pop-up gained further recognition as an innovative and exciting experience both in the UK and globally.

Customer taking photo
Customer posing with Pet Shop Boys wall design
Pet Shop Boys opening
Female posing for photo


The album broke all previous sales records and debuted at No.1 in the Billboard Dance Album charts. The feedback from the store was incredibly positive from both the Pet Shop Boys and the customers. Across 3 days, we brought the pop-up to thousands of fans, generated an average of 8 sales per minute and during peak times facilitated the sale of more than 1,104 items.

Queing for the Pet Shop Boys pop-up
“ The SUPER store was a perfect extension of the Pet Shop Boys brand – forward-thinking, ground-breaking and unique. Worth truly captured the essence of the album by delivering a totally unique marketing solution for its launch. ” – Angela Becker, Becker Brown
Customer listening to Pet Shop Boys album
Busy Pet Shop Boys pop-up store